L’Arc~en~Ciel – Everlasting

Everlasting sudah rilis. Tanpa promo, tanpa pv.
No pv, no cry.
Ya sudahlah, kita harus terima fakta bahwa Laruku sudah tidak peduli lagi, maybe they had enough, maybe they can’t stand each other. Whatever it is kita cukup beruntung mereka masih mau rilis single baru.

Lagu ini lagi stuck di kepala, terngiang-ngiang. Mungkin karena aku suka lyricnya. Sedih, galau, typical lagu Larc yang menyayat.

I swear to God
The one who chose these people to whom I don’t look alike was ….me
I swear to God
I use all my strongest will not going to meet you and coming back home to you
Everlasting why, everlasting you
I ask my heart
Why do I wanna shut up our kisses, those feelings we shared?
I ask my heart
Even if what I chose was what I was wishing for, then …why do I feel this empty without you?
Everlasting rain, everlasting you
Such everlasting season! Such everlasting poem!
Such love is this one!
The cold rain that falls incessantly
washes you away, revealing
That there’s still love in you.

mode haitsu langsung on nih ;)

eta: my copy is here

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