I ❤ my fandom

Please allow me to introduce these fun sites.
It’s L’Arc based fan’s blog, cool place to spend your fangirl’s free time. Ah~ I love my fandom..


credit image: Laruku memes

A blog of the usual memes about L’Arc~en~Ciel, actual L’memes, L’Rage comics and other crack. It’s hilarious, funny, witty. Do me a favor, visit them and enjoy “the truth” :)


image credit: Laruku files

A blog created to share everything Laruku related ^^!
Tons of files to download, from rare videos to newest videos is here. Also, Larukufiles give you information and history of L’Arc~en~Ciel. Awesome and worth your time. One thing, it’s a ‘friends only’ site, so you must join the site as a member before you can get the treasure.

La Pluie

credit image: la pluie

Awesome site run by Y san. She’s an artist and a huge fangirl of hyde/ L’Arc, her drawings are so beautiful and marvelous and perfect. I wish I had 1/8 of her talent. You can find live reports and tons of arts/ illustrations there. You’ll be amazed, trust me.

Oh, one more thing, can I promote my own site? Hehe, it’s L’Arc Everyday, where we give you the beauty of L’Arc on daily doses.

And that’s it for now, one of my talent as a fangirl is worshiping my fandoms. Go me :D

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