L’Arc~en~Ciel – BUTTERFLY

My review :)

my butterfly

Album: L’Arc~en~Ciel – BUTTERFLY
Released Date: 2012.02.08
Track List:
2. XXX
3. Bye Bye
-Butterfly Ver.-
6. shade of season
8. wild flower
10. NEXUS 4
11. 未来世界 (Mirai Sekai)

Finally I made it, my Butterfly review. Well, not the full album, just half of it, err.. a third of it. Only 4 songs. Again we got trolled by T’roll~en~Ciel, hehe. New album after 5 years and there’s only 4 new songs, four! *sigh* Sometimes I wonder why I love L’Arc so much..
But leave it at that, let’s begin shall we.

Bye Bye
music: tetsuya, lyric: hyde
Bye Bye made its debut at 2006 during L’15 live, and released 6 years later. Oh my, I wonder why. I must confess, the title surprised me, I thought this is it, they’re gonna end it. But thanks God, it’s just another song like any other L’Arc sad song, no need to be dramatic, they’re fine.
Ok, Bye Bye. I love the melody, it’s a sad song yet it’s calming, like the kind of song you’ll listen in a warm afternoon with a soft breeze. Typical tetsuya’s song, simple yet have some impact. The melody stuck in my head for a while, it’s not easy to get it out of your head. And the drum, me love it, repetitive and addictive. Ken’s guitar is calming, not too rockish but enough.
It’s a good bye song, but a happy one. Even if you have to say good bye to someone, in the end everything will be fine. For now, Bye Bye is my favorite of all L’Arc song.
fyi, hyde sang this song during L’Arc World Tour 2012 in Hawaii, dedicated to a friend who just passed away. The way hyde sang it, oh God, he barely made it, he was crying during the song, really break my heart. I hope everything end well for them. Please, nakanai..

shade of season
music: yukihiro, lyric: hyde
Oh my..
This is the kind of song I expect from yukihiro sensei. A little bit dark with a dash of techno in the background. Lovely. What I love most: tetsuya’s bass line and yukihiro’s drum, blended wonderfuly, it’s beautiful and addictive, truly. Don’t forget ken’s guitar, as usual he can make any song more rockish with his awesomeness.

wild flower
music: ken, lyric: hyde
Wow. Just wow. I love this song, I love ken, I love his guitar, I love his talent.
I thought it’s a ballad song, and yes it is. But it’s beyond that. Try to focus on the guitar part, and you’ll see what I mean. The guitar is always there, never leave the song. Sometimes soft, calming, and suddenly in other part it’s screaming, pull your heart out and squeeze it. Oh God I love it. I want to hug this song and put it in my pocket, never let it go. This song remind me why I want to marry kenchan.

未来世界 (Mirai Sekai)
music and lyric: hyde
I think the power of this song is in the lyric. Read, sing, understand it, and you’ll see why we worship hyde with his brilliance. It’s a lovely song. Like a lullaby, the one that can bring sweet dream in your sleep, make you smile. And let not forget tetsuya’s double bass solo. Imagine tetsuya with his pink double bass, cute expression on his face, It’s beautiful, gorgeous, epic. Ken’s guitar at the last part of the song! Again kenchan, I worship you with your talented finger.

Overall, it’s perfect. of course, I can’t be objective with these guys. I love their music, I always do. I can’t help it, they can trolled my in anyway possible and I’ll still love them.

Rated: what do you mean? I can’t rate them.

2 thoughts on “L’Arc~en~Ciel – BUTTERFLY

  1. other 7 songs already released as a single. Drink It Down” released April 2, 2008, “Nexus 4/Shine”: August 27, 2008, “Bless”: January 27, 2010, “GOOD LUCK MY WAY”: June 29, 2011, “XXX”: October 12, 2011 and “CHASE”: December 21, 2011. I reviewed them before, so I don’t feel the need to review them again :)

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