Happy Birthday hyde!

The most gorgeous person alive.

Hideto Takarai yang berumur 43 tahun. I think he’s not getting older, he’s getting better.
Happy Birthday hyde, May you stay forever young.


One thought on “Happy Birthday hyde!

  1. Ih hideto.it’s me your wife Claricia and thanks for the pictures of you my angel.how are you sweetie?what’s up honey?i love you baby,I love everything about you sweetheart,I love everything that you do sweetie and I love how talented that you are with everything my dear sweet beloved beautiful wonderful awesome fantastic lovely angel.i hope you have a wonderful day,a fantastic day,a sweet day,a lovely day,a good afternoon,a goodevening and a goodnight my sweetheart.this girl name Emma made me mad.alots more of love,alots more of tongue,alots more of sex,alots more of sweets,alots more of flowers,alots more of hotness,alots more of kisses,alots more of hugs,alots more of hearts and alots more of xo’s :);)$ 1000,000 xo’s,1000,000 tongue,1000,000 sweets,1000,000 flowers,1000,000 kisses,1000,000 hugs and 1000,000 hearts ps:I hope your alright my sweetie.i love you baby.:);)

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