In search of happiness, and found it

Black Coffee
Photo by Pete O via Flickr

It was raining when I’m writing this.
Cold afternoon with bitter winds makes you want to cuddle with someone you love. But I’m alone; I only have a cup of hot black coffee, warm fluffy blanket on my lap, and king of convenience as my companion.

I was just about to pity myself then, alone in Valentine’s Day, brooding in daylight with nothing better to do. But then I take a sip of my coffee, and its taste so good I moaned in delight. And suddenly I realize things. My coffee is so good I need to worship it a little while; the weather is not bad either, yes it’s raining but it’s calming, and its makes everything looks beautiful. Yes it’s cold but the wind is so nice in my skin it felt like a soft caress. And I thought, hey it’s not bad, there’s no need to pity myself.

Sitting in my veranda, enjoying the rain with hot coffee and warm blanket, I realized I was smiling, I feel safe and comfortable, I’m happy.

And I know then, happiness doesn’t always have to do with something big, buy a new car or take a holiday to Paris.

Happiness can be found in little things, wearing your favorite pajamas, watching Oprah’s rerun, humming in bathroom, drooling while sleeping, singing of tune, and all of those silly stupid little things that make you smile. A smile is a sign that you’re feeling good, and it’s a first step to happiness. All you have to do is enjoy the moment, focus on the good side and smile. There you go.

Everyone deserve to be happy, and if my happiness contain a cup of coffee, then so be it :)


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