Photo Challenge: Boundaries

This week challenge: boundaries.
I was confused, what is boundaries? something that keep me in line? something that I’m hang on to? Then I go to my Flickr account, there’s tons of picture that never been published, and i saw this particular fic.
I thought.. this is it.
I think we all need boundaries to protect us from something bad. Just like this glass, it keep the soda save inside :)
Sunrise itsoda

6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Boundaries

  1. It’s a challenge held by It’s not that kind of photography challenge, it’s purpose is to make us blogging better by writing more, therefore they gave us different theme every week, so we have a topic to write.
    They also held “post a day 2011” and “post a week 2011”
    If you interested, subscribe to them, I personally think it’s fun.

  2. I also love challenges … I challenge my self with my monthly post and with some book challenges…but for post,I like to keep it special. I always spend a lot of time to write my post

  3. that’s really nice.
    you see, I’m someone that easily distracted, I abandoned this blog almost a year, i just get back from my long hiatus. This postaday thing is like some kind of cage that keep me here.

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