Drama, because life is full of color.

Secret Garden (SBS Korean Drama 2010)

Cast: Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won; Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im
Director: Shin Woo Chul
Scriptwriter: Kim Eun Sook

From what i heard i thought it’s just the usual drama with typical story. Poor girl falling in love with a rich man. What else is new huh?

But then, since i watched the first episode i just can’t stop watching, the whole story wouldn’t let me go. Because it’s much better than i thought, it’s not typical, it’s different. The characterization is awesome, each person had a great personality, there’s no evil guy here, because there’s none in the real world i believe.
And the whole actor/actress, they’re awesome with their own way. I really like each one of them, some are new actress (it might be just me, there’s a lot of cast that I’ve never seen before). I love Osca’s mom, and of course Ssun!!! Hot guy, pure awesomeness! (and he’s gay, that’s why he got hotter).
Secret Garden
Oh about the story. sorry about the rambling before
There’s Kim Joo Won, heir of a super rich family, own a big luxury department store, well educated, high maintenance guy, doesn’t have interest in girls, until he meet Gil Ra Im. Oh and he’s a little bit stupid (hehe), but he’s cute. Cousin of Oska, the idol.
Gil Ra Im just a poor girl, a stunt woman, doesn’t have parents, stubborn, brave, she’s also a fangirl of Osca, a thirty-something idol, Gil Ra Im lives with her friend who happened to work in Kim Joo Won’s Department Store.

Trough some accident, something strange happened, Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im discovered that their souls can be exchange.

That’s the interesting part. Exchanged soul.
I personally don’t really like this kind of thing, it’s just not right. But in Secret Garden they can make it work. The awkwardness is cute, the misunderstanding is entertaining, don’t forget Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won! The way they act is mesmerizing. I love them, they had this kind of chemistry that makes you go all smiley and giddy. Just watch them together can make me blush.

I just finished episode 16 the other day, still a long way until last episode, anything can happen, of course there will be happy end, but it’s the process along the way that make it interesting right?
Go watch it.

Rated 4/5


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