Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

muter2 gak karuan di malam hari.. trus inget, Empere XXI baru buka! daripada dengerin lagu g’ jelas diradio, mending nonton.
Yang jadi sasaran adalah.. Confessions of a Shopaholic, yg diangkat dari novel chicklit Sophie Kinsela, aku lupa ceritanya gemana.. dah lama banget sejak kubaca chicklit itu..

hmm.. actually it’s a shame that Shopaholic release now when financial crisis nearly upsidedown the world. i mean.. with all the ‘label’ there, shoping almost in to my “taboo things to do” list. =.=

I must say that..  Shopaholic surprisingly refreshing ^.^
at first i thouhgt Shopaholic is just another fashionablewomenwhocancharmhotbosshappilyeverafter movie, but after spending 20minutes, i lost my cynical.. hehe.
I like this movie as much as i like whipped cream. so light, fun, entertaining.  I laughed, a lot.  Isla Fisher is so funny, beautiful, smart, and most of all she doesn’t have the b*tch long leg. thx god. Joan Cusack, she’s the best. she really share the hilarious chemistry, it’s really good for the movie. Oh the best point is.. the ‘manekin talk’. it’s fun to laugh at the store skeletons that disdain people who buy their wares.

like a said before, is a light movie, made to entertaint, with no ‘serious’ problem involved oh, i don’t see $16.000 debt with tons of glamourous shoes is a problem :p.
But, Shopaholic still have a small place to share a lesson.
Cost versus Worth – what are your value?
too bad it just like a whisper.. doesn’t really give u the ‘real’ lesson actually. i still love shopping, ^.^;

Overall… with all of it’s positive and negative.. i still want to watch the movie once more.

Rated 3/5


10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

  1. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………..
    u spending 15000rupiah just for a movie..
    remember sis,, we have limited time to have another $90..
    15000rupiah its a lot of money..! X(

  2. gyakh~

    ga ada adegan pukul2an, tembak2an, tusuk2an, potong2an, dan hentai2an nya~

    selamat berjuang mengumpulkan uang~~

  3. @nazu: ah nazu… aku tu magnet uang.
    futsu suka uang dan uang suka futsu. tnang ajaa… *wink*

    @takao: beu… takao…
    hentai? weks.. diem-diem takao nakal juga yah…
    ck ck ck..

  4. klo gak salah, si becky tu beli scarf ijo seharga $200 bukan??
    bukankah futsu juga mengeluarkan kurang-lebih segitu hanya untuk DVD??
    u worst than her!

  5. weks!!
    did i??
    oh Gosh… u rite maya.
    ah.. gomenasai.. but i didn’t have any debt!
    i’m much better!

  6. ho oh jogja. opening ps jumat kn?
    parkir diluar, dalem pnuh.. mana sempit pula, ampir nabrak bemper mobil depan :P

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