What a Great Day to Die..

L’Arc~en~Ciel’s new release confirmed!
(source: Le-Ciel; thx to Elesan)


2discs \ ¥7,980 (tax in) APROX 105min
Limited edition
Special Package&deluxe photobooklet

[2009.05.20] LIVE IN PARIS

Recording of the performance in Paris from theTOUR 2008 L’7Trans ASIA via PARIS
2discs \ ¥7,980 (tax in)


Finnaly… SUPER NEWS, so f*cking exited but i’ve got no money.
Two dvds in a row. Need ¥16.000 in two months. great. just exactly what i need. (T^T)
Limited Edition. I just CAN”T lose that!!

By futsusama


16 thoughts on “What a Great Day to Die..

  1. as i axpected, L’Arc fans will die happily as soon as the news spread.
    so, u don’t have the money, how about selling your organ? XDD

    16.000yen eh? that’s a lot of money dear.. for a dvd.
    good luck ^^

  2. rei-chan!! actually i was thingking to sell my kidney, it’s perfeclty healthy. oh.. may be other organs too.. XD d*mnit they’re killing me and i still love them

    it’s just.. i really can’t lose it.
    well, i can use my saving to buy the Documentary Films,, but i don’t have enough to buy the other T.T
    at first i thought i will give up the Paris Live, but then.. NO!
    i can’t!! i always get the first press,.. i don’t see a reason why i should give up this time.
    Paris Live will release at May, so i’ve got 2 months to get another 8000yen. Ganbarimasu!
    i’m gonna be reeeaallyyyy poor after this.

    Oh Gawd.. help me..

  3. hehe.
    L’Arc fans will do anything ne~
    and of course u MUST get BOTH!
    4discs honey.. with their dorkness there.
    isn’t tempting?

  4. Yeah I Love them so much i could die rite now.
    i’ll do anything for L’Arc.

    “and of course u MUST get BOTH!
    4discs honey.. with their dorkness there.
    isn’t tempting?”

    i know rei.. i know *sob*
    just wish me luck.
    *sigh desperately*

  5. *bittersmile* haik.
    tapi keknya kencangkan perut saja tidak cukup.
    yah sudahlah.. klo emang dah jodoh gak bakal kmana.. *apaan coba?*

  6. wow. berita yang menarik.
    jadi ini maksudnya, rilis dua dvd (total 4 disc) dalam jangka waktu 2 bulan? 16.000 yen? brapa dolar tu?
    futsu mo beli semuanya?
    *geleng-geleng* dasar fangirl. ck ck.

  7. iyah. itu maksudnya.
    di cd-japan 77 dollar each, blon termasuk packaging+shipping.
    mm.. perkiraanku bakal abis sekitar 170-180 dollar.

    saia HARUS beli dua-duanya may..
    maklumi diriku ini.

  8. saia niat dan sudah pre-order di cd japan! yay!
    pesen yang Documentary Film dulu, totalnya termasuk shipping dll jadi 91.81 dollar. ugh. langsung tekor sayah.

    mm..ini salah satu bukti cintaku, cuman ini yang bisa kulakuin ^.^

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