Twilight (2008)

I’ve read the book and i don’t really like it.
Just another romantic teen lit novel, nothing special.
Despite my disappointment, I thought I’ll bear to watch the movie since all the girls I know nagging about that, well, in fact, I was so curious how far Robert Pattinson’s charm can affect me. So when one of my precious friend asked me to watch the movie together, I happily said “Ok, I’m in”.

After spending the whole two hours, I must say.. I’m still disappointed. Edward didn’t charm me as much as I want him to, too bad. Twilight is just another teenager romantic drama trying to be ‘different’ by adding some dark mysterious genre, but it failed, dramatically.

I didn’t get the chemistry between Edward-Bella; The casts bored me; Repeated scene; Identical dialogue; Ordinary acting; Ordinary plot. Oh i must point out, the vampire supposed to be pale, and being pale doesn’t mean you just have to put a mass of white powder in your face, it reeaalllyyy doesn’t work, you looked fake, made by plastic, ridiculous rather than frightening (well, creepy in a way), not to mention so gay. And I admire vampire with fangs! But they don’t have one.. Instead they have a glittery skin with a perfect hairdone and a luxury sport cars.. ugh!

But of course it’s not that bad. It is, I’m trying to be nice here. I like the music score, that’s the only thing I enjoyed about, it revive the atmosphere, repair the mood. Oh, the view! It’s amazingly beautiful, great setting. The movie much better than the book (for a moment made me want to continue reading the series) and edward is so gentle, I wonder is there’s a human as gentleman as vampire?

It’s a teenager movie, presented to mesmerize the teens, thanks God i’m not a teenager anymore so don’t blame me for not joining the club.

Well, after all I still want to say “Bite me edward.. Please”.

Rated 2/5


5 thoughts on “Twilight (2008)

  1. nggak tertarik dari awal baca bukunya atw nonton filmnya…
    dari awal firasat-ku berkata “gak bakal suka”…


    edward stay back! cuz I have my VAMPSire..

  2. then don’t, don’t waste your time..

    oh.. those VAMPS are to high for me.. after edward bite me, then i’ll leave him imediately for my REAL vampire.. promise!

  3. twilight movie drinking contest: take one shot for each of any following happens:

    (1) Edward appears, and girls (viewer) turned ~awwww~~~
    (2) Edward says any pickup line to Bella — include the ‘oh-your-scent-is-drug-to-me’ (count two shots)
    (3) Edward starts to act oh-I-want-you and Bella just wo(uld)n’t resist the temptation
    (4) Edward does the cool-this-and-that, while Bella does the damsel-in-distress role

    …how long would you last? :mrgreen:

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