L’Arc Release: Hurry Xmas & Chronicle 4!

Altough L’Arc on ‘break’ now, that doesn’t prevent them to extort fans release something. L’Arc~en~Ciel’s new release had been confirmed! (it’s a little late actually, the news already around the net for weeks, it’s just me who get lame).

DVD: Chronicle 4
Released Date: 2009.02.25
Contain seven pv during 2007-2008 (seventh heaven, my heart draws a dream, daybreaks bell, hurry xmas, drink it down, shine, nexus). it’s a must for L’Arc fan, watch their lovely faces on high quality..*melt*. No confirmation about the price nor the bonus track (may be soon). Should i buy it??

Single: Hurry Xmas CD+DVD (re-release)
Released Date: 2008.11.26
They grant my wish! re-release the single. fyi, last year i don’t get a copy, the limited edition (CD+DVD) sold out in a flash, well, no wonder, the DVD contains something impressive: HurryXmas pv + P’UNK~EN~CIEL ‘I Wish’. Thats why i speed up my pace this year! i already preorder mine, will get it soon \^.^/

Ok, that’s the latest news. futsu off now *squeeze her wallet tight..oh okane ga nai!!*



7 thoughts on “L’Arc Release: Hurry Xmas & Chronicle 4!

  1. cuma lewat depan rumah doank…dia gak bakal mampir or nginep…

    huuh,,ku takutnya L7 rilis gak lama setelah chro4 rilis…

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