Acid Black Cherry – Jigsaw

New Single: Acid Black Cherry – Jigsaw
Released Date: 2008.11.26
Track list:
1. Jigsaw
2. Hershey [Recreation Track]

Kya!! Yasu!! must adore him, he’s getting pretty each passing day (i really think hyde infected him badly, can’t really blame yasu, sometimes hysus just so *censored*)
Back to Jigsaw. ABC back to rock (reference:track1) on the other hand they’re getting pop (reference:track2).

Jigsaw. fascinated from the beggining. the music weld together nicely, the bit suit well, this track is so acid black cherry. Oh, one thing. the bass, sexy. mm.. can’t tell much actually. just great. The pv.. another evidence of vamps addict (^.^); nice wardrobe.
Hershey. easy listening one. i can imagine this track become an ost for a dorama, hehe. Simple song..not bad.. but nothing special.

Overall, i fell like.. there’s no connection between Jigsaw and Hershey, what a contrary, lack of ‘something’.. gomen.
btw, Janne de Arc wa?

Rated 3/5



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