VAMPS Addict

I must confess.

About VAMPS, new unit by hyde (L’Arc) and kaz (oblivion dust). Actually I don’t really like them,, um.. I kind a hate it >.< I love hyde for sure, but not VAMPS. I prefer hyde L’Arc,… well,, that’s the reason, I dislike VAMPS coz I think hyde abandoned L’Arc for VAMPS. I know I’m being selfish, silly, narrow-minded, retarded, I nearly hate myself.

But it’s different now!
There’s something happened on October 3rd. Something that change my whole mindset, something that made me think. And I came with conclusion. I do like VAMPS, as much as I like Acid Android, and I do like Kaz, he’s great! I respect hyde and his decision.
I’m so sorry for not really paying attention to his project..
I’ll buy their album next year ;)

So, ganbatte hyde! ganbatte VAMPS!



4 thoughts on “VAMPS Addict

  1. eeww…
    hyde yg nggak bareng L’Arc nggak seru (kecuali hyde jamanya roentgen, itu hyde ter-perfect yg pnah gw liat)

  2. yah begitulah… tadinya ku enek banget ma vamps..
    tapi kelamaan bisa terima deh.

    emang! jaman roentgen tu manteb banget! kayak pangeran dia..

  3. waaaaaah,,,,
    aq sih dr awal ud suka aj sama VAMPS..
    apapun yg dilakuin sama keempat om2 itu pasti aq suka..

    gara2 sesuatu juga aq jd tambah sukaaaaaaaa bgt sama mreka..
    apalagi om KAZ… hihi

    GANBATTE !!!!!! xD

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