Ready Steady Go!

yay yay.. \(^o^)/no more despair,,.. thanks to tetchan!!
setelah maraton nonton dvd Awake, Asialive, Mata Heart, aku jadi semangat lagi.
The fearless leader really inspired me, his philosophy, his action, his brain, his.. (oh, long list if i continue) love everything bout him.
i salute u leader sama *(^o^)*

i’m genki now, as genki as banana boy himself ~p(^o^)q


As a tribute, i made a -veryeasysoamateurandsimple- wallpaper, it’s TETSU P’UNK yo..
strikingly wide as my dekstop, mesmerize me all the time (o_o)


in case u want it, click here for actual size (1280×800)


5 thoughts on “Ready Steady Go!

  1. lha, p’unk kan??
    p’unk aja, keren! ato clana-rok kotak-kotak itu??
    mo beli t-shirt viviane westwood po??? hehe

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