In Larukugami I trust

Next Live >> 2011: 20th L’Anniversary Live.

L’Arc~en~Ciel still on track, they’re just need a break. Yappari they’re gonna focus on their solo project during that time.

No Live for the next three years (or less), it’s hard to accept, but I can handle it. There’s a LOT of upcoming release anyway, that’s enough for me, happy for that (well.. except the fact im gonna bangkrupt sooner :p). Just enjoy the rest L’7 ~Trans ASIA via PARIS~

Oh, and hyde said : “Once these lives will be over Larc won’t have others for quite a while, but I’ll be happy if you can think that we are getting ready to fly even higher. Let’s burn together!” (hyde msg, thx to ele-san)

See, they’re not done yet. Yay!

Anything can happen in three years, but one thing for sure >> I’LL GO TO L’20 NO MATTER WHAT! I’ll work hard, really hard. Ganbarimasu! Wanna go with me?

next live >> 2011


6 thoughts on “In Larukugami I trust

  1. Ganbatte ya Futsu~ Buat L’20 nya ^^
    2011 doain aku udah kuliah semester 1 di UI ya ^^

    Gw skarang tinggal nunggu Love Addict nya VAMPS aja nehh yg bentar lagi nongol.

  2. Yosh!! musti mulai mengencangkan ikat pinggang nih..
    wisk all the best for u rainzeru :)

    Tapi kayaknya aku gak beli love addict deh.. all my money goes to L’Arc..

  3. ngomong-ngomong soal VAMPS, dah denger blom???

    ya ampun.. its ALL english, but I don’t get the words!!!!
    OMG hyde-san, he gotta practise MORE!

    but, pretty cool. aku baru denger preview slama 44detik, sejauh ini lumayan suka, gitarnya oke -tapi aku tetep gak suka kaz :p-

  4. eew… tau nggak, logat haido san yang ga jelas di vamps justru yang paling gw suka…

    nungguin proyek solo nya tetsu nih…

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