Forbidden Lover

hxtAh, towards the dark frozen sea
Swallowed by a wave of ever-flowing history At any time now the curtain will rise
The conflict brought along by the fleeting dream will start a flame

Someday, the heart I’ve lost sight of
Commits the long forgotten sin once again
Bringing up faults, with that blood-stained love, I’ll build a paradise from the rubble forbidden lover…… faint memories

Even if I hold them together tightly the colors won’t line up
I secretly pledge with my breath
The trick of never being able to predict when this sweet love will end

Being surrounding by flames
In this boat falling to shambles I hold onto dear life
Scared eyes look up to heaven, shouting the name of god

This heart flies high up to the sky, higher than the whirpool of nightmares
Released from these thoughts of you, releasing the brightness to a distant land
In a new country, in the days soon to come
I wonder if we’ll still continue on the same path…

forbidden lover…….

disclaimer : Forbiden Lover (by L’Arc~en~Ciel , Ark 1999)

futsu note >> g’ ngerti ni, rasanya pengen mellow.. T.T and I don’t really think loving someone is a sin


5 thoughts on “Forbidden Lover

  1. futsu padahal kan gak telalu suka lagu forbiden lover,,,tapi suka liriknya y??

    ato suka pairing-nya…? XDD

  2. emang gak suka, tapi tau napa akhir2 ini stuck di kpalaku,, jadi sering menggumam nyanyi forbiden lover, pas drum bagian awal itu loh.

    pairing? siapa? ah gak ikut2 an aku.. *tunjuk icon forbidlov* mereka?? hehe, tau aja

  3. gak ikut2an tapi nametag dikau itu haitsu/tethai lover kan????

    ahhh…ya inget part drum itu..kereen!! simple tapi nimbulin kesan yg dalem…ahhh…!!

    aku suka sama suaranya hyde waktu bilang forbiden lover..di akhir2 lagu…

  4. nazu!! it’s a public area… *shy*

    mah, i don’t really care actually, say what u want to say nazu-chama…
    setiap lirik yang dibikin hyde kan emang dalem banget maknanya..

  5. iya…kita sudahi saja pembicaraan mengenai itu…Its your blog..its your rule…XD *kabur ke crita sepanjang masa*

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