Unstopable L’Arc~en~Ciel

mata heart-fujikyu
current mood : super genki :D ; current song : L’Arc-Drink it Down

Lately i always posted ’bout L’Arc~en~Ciel, less posting ’bout me. Well, can’t help it, there’s nothing interesting in my life.. yet.

About L’Arc, they’re getting busy, Theater of KISS not finish yet, they’re about to release Drink it Down, dvd Are You Ready Mata Heart ni hi o Tsukero 2007 [Release 2008.04.02] and then there’s another tour including France!!

Can’t stop myself posting L’Arc until they settle down. Until that happen, this blog gonna be one of L’Arc fansite, well i’m a fangirl anyway.. Ja, ganbatte Raruku~an~Shieru!! Love u in all fangirl posibble ways~


5 thoughts on “Unstopable L’Arc~en~Ciel

  1. maksudnya video concert apa ya??

    pic ini diambil dari tour Mata heart ni hi o tsukero di Fujikyu. Tour di fujikyu gak dirilis oleh L’Arc. Rangkaian TOur Mata Heart baru dirilis awal mei mei dalam bentuk dvd (dan didalamnya gak ada tour di fujukyu-nya)

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