The Arrive of L’15



Omg, newest thing on my Larcish worship altar : 15th L’Anniversary dvd!! just got it last friday. After couple of dying wait mode, i’m finally released.

Really worth. Yes, with 81min on disc1 + 110min on disc2.. ck ck ck hyde is damn beautifull, techan is genki, yukkie..cute, kenchan? sexy. shit. The whole live, the aura.. u know they’re born to be legend. Oh Yeah. i’m totally in love (again). L’Arc is my love, no one else.

One thing that bothered me, when i buy L’Arc stuff.. i always want more and more. Once i’ve got my seventh heaven single, i’m just think Gosh i must have their next single, and so did i. When i realize, i already got all of their KISS era single!

And now.. I fell like i’m gonna spend all the money that i have just to fulfil my L’Arc hunger, i know it’s expensive, really cost a lot of yen, i mean a LOT. But, Yes. i’m going pay for L’Arc, i will spend every single yen for them, i will squeeze my wallet just for them. L’Arc~en~Ciel is Love. And i mean it. Seriously.


12 thoughts on “The Arrive of L’15

  1. agree!!!
    perjuangan banget ni dapetin dvd 8000yen inih!
    and i want more…. kapan mata heart rilis yah??.. dah gak sabar mo belanja L’arc…

  2. next summer??? can’t wait that long!!!
    ah~.. osoi ne..
    tapi drink it down kayaknya gak lama lagi deh . mau??

  3. mau dong!!!!
    aku mau ngancam tou-chan dulu,,,nggak mungkin pake uang tabungan kan ntar buat mata heart piye?? jadi pinjem tou-chan dulu aja…pinjem apa pinjem….. *disentil orang tak dikenal*

  4. akhirnya, setelah menderita, menangis, berlinangan air mata dan bergelimangan darah (wth?) bisa juga ngedapetin DVD yg di tunggu2 *turut berbahagia*

  5. @takao >> ah takao ngerti aja perjuanganku..
    @dea >> banget say!! hayo maen kerumah nonton bareng!!

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