Nobuyuki Hirakura

nobuyuki hirakura

Okey, this the story.
I really admire this man, Nobuyuki Hirakura (49). He remake some of L’Arc song, and he play it in guitar, accoustic. It’s so beautifull.. really touching, makes me want to replay it over and over. It’s really mean something to me, knowing that Hirakura-san (who’s one of the best guitaris in Japan) playing L’Arc song, sugoi! It means that he also love L’Arc ne~

I really want to know more ’bout him. But unfortunatelly.. I get nothing! Shimata. I’ve been googleing, but it’s seems like he’s not famous enough in world web. Well, maybe coz I search in english (I don’t know any other language! sory). There’s couple article in Japan, Spain, and any other language, but I don’t understand, at all =P

But i found something, yokata. Ja, a brief summary bout Hirakura-san that i found (

He was born in Tokyo in 1958. In 1981 he was a finalist of Tokyo Internatonal Guitar Competition. Hirakura-san was a player of world tour of Violin player on the roof in 1990. He was also a player of memorial concert for Leonard Bernstein and opera Barber of Seville in 1991. He joined group J-Poppers consist from composers and arrangers in 1999, and was a arranger and player of a group who played Nepali and Japanese music.

Hirakura-san is author of many publications: Bach music for two guitars, Popular Guitar Ensemble Music, J-Pop Series, published by Gendai Guitar. Guitar Solo in Classic etc, published Doremi Music Publication. He write many articles on music magazines.

Hmm… awesome. Mah, I think i’m gonna google-ing again and download something.


16 thoughts on “Nobuyuki Hirakura

  1. sugoi ne?!

    aku suka akustik ver.-nya bapak satu ini….pas banget..kereeen lagi…

    jadi tambah suka ama L’Arc…

  2. bener… kesannya jadi romantis banget!! alah…

    coba dech nantangin nobuyuki san buat bikin 7th heaven!!!

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